Monday, 3 June 2013

Early Student reflections

I have been a critical friend because i have been enthusiastic and confident whilst doing the work. The topic is important to me because it shows us that bees are important and that we should save them and their habitats. We can dk this by not using lots of pesticides. It is helpful to the bees because it gives them a better chance to go onto flowers and pollinate without getting a disease or even dying. It can also help the community because they will have more bees to look at in your garden but also it can provide the community with honey. I found nothing difficult during the lesson so I have nothing to improve or overcome.

I have been a critical friend by giving feedback to other groups.
The project is important to me because it is giving me ways to bee a better learner.
The project is important to bees because it is telling us if we need to do more in our area to help them.
It is also important to the wider community because it shows where we can help bees so that the crops are fruitful.
I have found working as a team difficult and we have overcome that by stopping and talking about what we should write.

1. I have been a critical friend. I was helping Jamie what he should put in the method. 2.This project is important because bees need nectar from flowers, and make the flowers grow and plants help us breathe. 3.I don't know if we found it difficult

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