Monday, 10 June 2013

More student reflections on the emerging project

 I have been a critical friend because when I was critiquing other people's work I made sure I gave specific advice and kept my advice friendly so that it didn't hurt people's feelings.

- This project is important because we need to know whether we are providing a good enviroment for bees and if they will be able to live in these conditions for much longer. It is important to me because I quite like wildlife and bees provide us with honey for food. It is important to the bees because they might not live much longer if we keep our enviroment the way it is and we might be able to change the enviroment a bit so they will live on. It is important to the wider community because even though I don't like honey myself, lots of people do and the bees provide us with that.

- The hardest bit so far was making sure you didn't get the bees mixed up or got confused over which shape the flowers were that you had seen because if you got that wrong you would be letting down the whole class by providing them with incorrect data.

This half term in science the project we are doing is based on the Cramlington. At the start of this experiment we had to take in everything about bees in our area, this included the flower species they prefer, the number of them we actually saw and the range of flower colours we could find. However, all of this would be completely irrelevant   if the project did not have a main aim to focus on.

 Although, there will be a range of aims to observe throughout the topic not to mention a main one that the whole class will be focusing on I think I may have my individual aim. My aim which I would like to have completed at the end of the topic is based on what to do with knowledge. Therefore; my individual aim for the end of the unit is to have gathered enough knowledge on the local bee population to the figure out how to increase the bee population of Cramlington.

Despite aims and key focuses this project is very important as the research that took place in it may eventually help the bee population in the surrounding area. It will do this by educating people on the importance of the bees in Cramlington and what ways we can stop ourselves destroying their environment.

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