Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Great student reflection

Have you been a critical friend?Yes because, I wrote on my classmates work what they could improve on and how they could do so. I also spoke to a classmate and was very specific when I told them what was good and what could be better.
Why is this important?
To you?

This is important to me because, I am learning about different species of bee and I am discovering many different things about plants and flowers. It is also important because I am helping the bees in the area by looking into how we can save their natural habitats and how we can make the bee popuation increase.
To Bees?
It is important to bees because, it means that they can continue to produce honey and their population will continuously grow. This means that their habitat will be safe and they can survive longer.
To the wider community?
It is important to the wider community because, it means that any plants being grown by people will stay survivng as they are being pollenated by the bees. They also create honey so people in Cramlington can buy their honey which has been made in the local area.
What has been difficult and how have we over come it?
It has been difficult when trying to figure out how often a group of certain plants appear in a certain area. It was difficult to do because we had to estimate so we didn't get a very accurate answer which made it more confusing to do. We overcame this challenge by thinking about each of the different rankings and how we could estimate by just looking at each area of plants.
1. Me and my friend prepared different ideas to what is good and what is bad about the work. We then compared them. I thought about what could be included and what is already included. There was also the fact of not enough of something. I was hard on the work and not the person and I took into account th Scientific vocab need in one piece of work.

2.It is important because we need a better explanation on the disappearance of Bees.This is due to the lack of Bee preffered species of flowers growing in the lands around us. I feel that Bees are a necessity to the Urban Wildlife, I for one am interested in the going ons of Bees around places Bees call their homes. This project will hopefully tell pople that this problem is serious because if there are no Bees a Human's life would be very difficult.

3. I was out on the day the Project was introduced, I overcame this by asking those around me for help. It was pretty easy to understand the Project from there on out. With the useful work we done I learnt mor about th Project and am catching up to my peers.
I have been a critical friend throughout reading the methods, I have done this by being tough on the work and not on the person. Also I have not only said what the work could have included, but what is good/ what should stay the same in their next draft.
This project is important to the community as it tells us about the population and what is happening with it, it can help to tell people was we can make sure we always have many bees. It is important to bees so that the data gets out that the numbers of bees in the UK is going down, this means that more people can help stop gasses going in the air and killing bees.
I found it quite difficult when I was writing up my last homework about the populations of bees in the UK. I found this hard as I didn’t really know alot about the population of bees so I had to do alot of research into it.

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